In HER Interior

Virginia Barratt and Francesca da Rimini formed In Her Interior (IHI) in 2015 to co-create and perform live works of spoken/sung and recorded text and video within site-specific installation environments. As an unfaithful follower of constraint-based experimentation across various art traditions, IHI’s work often involves accomplices – local land custodians, sound artists, birdwatchers, writers, philosophers, gleaners. To date they have performed in galleries, dedicated performance spaces, repurposed industrial settings, academic environments, and theatres—in New York, Helsingør, London, Berlin, Adelaide, Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne. Collaborations include This Platform Life: a command line memoirB.A.B.S., The Darkening: Language lined with flesh lined with language, Songs for Skinwalking the Drone (a commissioned libretto), Hexing the Alien, and echolalia: golden iterations.

As two of the four co-founders of cyberfeminist group VNS Matrix (est. 1991), da Rimini and Barratt have contributed to global critiques of gender and technology across three decades. In 2016, on the occasion off the 25th anniversary of A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century, VNS Matrix wrote and performed a new text, A Tender Hex for the Anthropocene.

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